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How we handle cancellations. . .

When you agree to have a PET SHOTZ photo shoot done at your home you enter into a "good faith" binding agreement with us, and we with you.

We are expected to perform the work for which we are paid by our customers. In turn, we expect our customers to abide by the same agreement and avail themselves at the agreed time and date of the photo shoot. While it is inevitable that terminations will occur, we hold to a firm but fair cancellation policy as follows.

We ask for 24 hour notice of cancellation should you not be able to keep your PET SHOTZ appointment. 

For giving us the full 24 hour cancellation notice, we will either refund your money in full or reschedule your appointment, whichever you prefer. We are happy to refund all your money as thanks for your courtesy, and we invite you to make another appointment with us in future if you like.

For less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, we CANNOT offer any refund.

Please consider that by coming to your home for the photo shoot, we save you time, trouble, and fuel costs. You don't have to do anything but stay home and get ready for your session!

On the other hand, our largest expenses are incurred in fuel and vehicle costs, not to mention our travel time. When we have a "short notice" cancellation [under 24 hours], that is time, business, and money lost. If we have a client cancel just a few hours before the scheduled shoot, more than likely we will not be able to fill that slot with another session. We believe this is an obvious - and fair - issue everyone can understand.

Therefore, we do ask for your understanding and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

We charge a $50.00 RETURN CHECK FEE and we WILL turn over for collection any account that is 30 days past due. Therefore, we ask that you NOT schedule a PET SHOTZ photo session if the cost really isn't in your budget right now. We know these economic times are tough and money is tight for many households. If that is the case with you, we will be happy to serve you sometime in the future. Thank you.

Should your PET SHOTZ photographer be unable to keep your appointment for any reason, then your money will be refunded in full, or you may opt to reschedule your appointment with a $20 discount for another time, as you prefer. 

As always, we thank you for your interest in PET SHOTZ and we look forward to serving you again and again!

Here's how to reach us:

Animal Photography
Kathy McBride, Photographer


Mailing address::
Kathy S. McBride
P.O. Box 847
Hopkinsville, KY 42241-0847