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Additional prints. . .

Some of our clients may want additional prints from their PET SHOTZ photo shoot. 

For our digital package customers, we are happy to print out additional photos for you from wallet size up to 8" x 10" but we recommend that you do this yourself to save money. Printing out digital photographs from your own computer can be an easy and cost-effective means to get extra prints. However, please be aware that home printing numerous copies of your pictures will quickly add up because of the high cost of inkjet and laser printer inks and toners. This is particularly true when photos are printed out using the "best" quality printer option.

As a cost effective alternative, we suggest you upload your digital prints either onto your computer's hard drive or onto any of several free online photo services like Snapfish* for easy email sharing with family and friends. In addition, Snapfish* offers a variety of services including affordable prints.

For those who do want PET SHOTZ to assist you with obtaining prints, your photographer will take your order for sizes and quantities after you have selected the images you would like duplicated. We use an online professional digital photo processor [offsite - not at your home] for excellent results, price, and fast shipment, and, in most cases, we will deliver your photographs to you after we receive them. 

Our minimum fee for this service starts at $50 and is payable at the time we take your order for prints unless we agree to a different arrangement.

You are also responsible for the cost of all prints, including any applicable sales tax and shipping charges. However, you will not be charged for the actual prints until you receive them. We will collect payment for them at that time.

We look forward to serving all your photographic needs - please make your appointment today!

*Snapfish is in no way associated with or affiliated with PET SHOTZ and we reference them only as an example. There are numerous online digital photo management services available to the public.

Please check back with us often as we will be expanding our services!

Animal Photography
Kathy McBride, Photographer


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Kathy S. McBride
P.O. Box 847
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